Vacation Checklist: Eye Edition

June 24, 2022

Sunny beach scene

Kids are out of school and vacation season is here. Whether your destination is in the tropics, hidden in the wilderness, or moving in a bustling city, packing these items will help you protect your eyes and enjoy the scenery.



Sunny beach scene


1. Extra contact lenses

Whether you wear daily disposables or monthly contact lenses, do not forget to bring extra lenses. A torn or lost contact lens can surely ruin a vacation without having a backup pair. Fortunately, contact lens solution is readily available in the United States if you accidentally forget it, but if traveling afar or to a remote location, be sure to pack solution for storing and disinfecting your contacts.


2. Sunglasses and regular glassesTan suitcase with red sunglasses on top

It seems obvious to bring your glasses on vacation, but don’t just grab your eyeglasses case. Open the case to make sure the glasses are actually inside. This doesn’t necessarily apply to someone that wears glasses at all times, but contact lens wearers are notorious for mistakenly grabbing an empty glasses case. (This is another reminder that contact lens wearers need back-up glasses too!)

Sunglasses are especially important for outdoor explorers on vacation. Polarization is helpful in decreasing glare from large bodies of water. Going to the ocean or lake? Be sure to pack your polarized sunglasses. Prescription sunglasses are also available for avid beach readers that need the benefits of both sun protection and reading glasses.


3. Eye drops

Artificial tears are used for a variety of purposes – dry eye syndrome, allergies, and contact lens discomfort. If you use artificial tears on a regular basis, it is important to continue using them while on vacation to keep your eyes feeling their best. Thicker artificial tears, such as gel drops, are ideal for bedtime, but might make vision a little too blurry to use during the day. Therefore, be sure to look at what type of artificial tears you are packing.

Many people with glaucoma use prescription eye drops to lower the eye pressure. Glaucoma medication is definitely on the must-pack-list for vacation. Allergy eye drops are another important component of the cosmetic travel bag, especially if adventuring outdoors. Nobody wants red, itchy eyes in the family vacation scrapbook!


4. Copy of glasses prescription

Lastly, if you are traveling for a long period of time, and there’s a risk of breaking or losing your glasses, it is wise to keep a copy of your glasses prescription for emergency situations. This is very helpful if traveling to another country with a language barrier. Imagine being away on vacation and not having functional glasses!


All of us at Weber Vision Care hope you have a relaxing and fun summer!