B+L ONE by ONE Recycling Program

August 8, 2019

Weber Vision Care is an official recycling center for the Bausch + Lomb ONE by ONE Recycling Program through TerraCycle®. Enjoy the comfort and vision of your contact lenses without worrying about the impact on the environment.

What is TerraCycle®?

TerraCycle® is a recycling program that aims to minimize waste by recycling what once could not be recycled. Most waste, or things that cannot be recycled through traditional recycling facilities, is sent to landfills and incinerators because it is the cheapest method of disposal. This is where TerraCycle® steps in to recycle the once non-recyclables and repurpose the waste into new materials and products.


Bausch + Lomb ONE by ONE Recycling Program

Bausch + Lomb has partnered with TerraCycle® to recycle contact lens waste. Contact lens packaging gets filtered out from the regular recyclables because of its small size. The Bausch + Lomb ONE by ONE Recycling Program accepts empty contact lens blister packs (both the foil top and plastic bottom) and used contacts from all brands. Over 25,000 pounds of recycled lens items, totaling to over 4 million recycled items, have been recycled to date.

For every qualifying shipment, a $1/lb donation is made to Optometry Giving Sight, a nonprofit organization that provides eye exams and glasses to those without access to care. In other countries, many people are severely visually impaired due to the lack of eye care. Optometry Giving Sight helps minimize the amount of preventable and treatable eye conditions, which literally gives sight to those in need.


What happens to the “waste”?

Once at the TerraCycle® facility, the metallic layer of the blister pack is separated from the plastic lenses and packaging. The plastic is melted down to make other recycled items, while the metal is recycled separately. TerraCycle® does not incinerate or landfill any collected waste, so you can be certain that your recycled items are truly being recycled.


How can I participate in the recycling program?

The ONE by ONE program is recycling made easy. Keep your contact lens recyclables (blister packs and used contacts) of any brand in a bag or box and drop them off at our office at your convenience. We will collect and ship the items, so you don’t have to worry about printing labels or paying for postage! Please recycle the cardboard packaging through your regular recycling service.

Some people think that wearing dailies is harmful to the environment due to the use of more plastic lenses and packaging, but thanks to the ONE by ONE Recycling Program, you are able to wear dailies with a clear conscience. Daily disposable contact lenses are the healthiest contact lens option, and now there is no need to worry about disposing extra waste.

Utilizing the ONE by ONE Recycling Program not only keeps waste from landfills and oceans, but it also helps those in crucial need of eye care. This is a win-win for everyone!



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