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Did you know that today's Weber Vision Care practice can trace its roots to the 1890s?  That's when E.L. Egolf began practicing in Harrisburg at 807 North Third Street.  Egolf began selling ready-made eyeglasses that he "positively guaranteed would fit any nose, whether large or small"!   
In 1905, Dr. Egolf moved his office to 210 North Third Street, and ventured into "the manufacturing of fine lenses for the wholesale trade throughout this and foreign countries."  Right before the First World War, he was practicing optometry again, this time at 302 Market Street.
In 1938, Dr. Martin Weber, who had been practicing as an optometrist for a few years in Harrisburg, joined Dr. Egolf's practice.  The Harrisburg Telegraph reported that as of Dr. Weber's joining him, Dr. Egolf had fit 60,000 eyeglasses in his 45 years of practice in Harrisburg! Drs. Weber and Egolf practiced at 213 Market Street in Harrisburg.
Dr. Frank Weber followed in his father's footsteps, graduating from optometry school and beginning practice in Harrisburg.   In the 1970s the Webers constucted a new building near the intersection of Colonial Road and Elmerton Avenue, just a stone's throw from the Colonial Park Mall.  The new facility boasted the latest in exam room equipment, a modern optical dispensary, and a large lab that generated and cut both glass and plastic lenses. 
In 1997, Drs. Williams and Bloom purchased Dr. Webers' practices. Rather than implement wholesale changes, they strived to build on the practices' amazing reputation in Central Pennsylvania; that's why they decided that the practice should remain "Weber."   Drs. Williams and Bloom renovated the Elmerton Avenue premises to include a new optical dispensary and more exam rooms.
In 2012, Weber Vision Care moved to a bright and cheerful new premises at 4392 Sturbridge Drive in Susquehanna Township, just a few miles away from the Elmerton Avenue location.  Drs. Bloom and Williams built out the premises to their specifications, with the latest exam and testing equipment and a beautiful,spacious optical dispensary filled with natural light. Today, we still offer the old fashioned service befitting a local business that can trace its roots back to the 1890s, but in modern new surroundings.  We think the Drs. Weber and Dr. Egolf would approve...

Weber News

Droopy Eyelids?

Droopy Eyelids?

Do you look in the mirror and see tired, heavy eyelids? Do you have trouble achieving the “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed” appearance even when you are wide awake? If you answered yes, to either of these questions – you might have “droopy” eyelids. Ptosis (silent ‘p’ =...

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Posterior Vitreous Detachment

Posterior Vitreous Detachment

Most people will see a “floater” at some point, but it is important to determine if the floater is a symptom of a larger problem. A common cause of floaters and flashes of light in the vision is a posterior vitreous detachment (PVD).   What is a PVD? Before...

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Why Contact Lens Wearers Need Backup Glasses

Why Contact Lens Wearers Need Backup Glasses

PSA: ALL CONTACT LENS WEARERS NEED A PAIR OF FUNCTIONAL BACKUP GLASSES There are a number of reasons when contact lenses may not a viable option for a temporary amount of time. Many contact lens wearers own a pair of glasses lost in the abyss of a drawer, but if the...

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What others are saying

Just got an eye exam at Weber Vision Care’s new offices– wow! It’s like getting your vision checked at a relaxing spa. And the new “electronic eyecharts” are awesome!

Keisha D.


My new Lindberg frames are amazing.  I ran them over with my vehicle and needed only to replace lenses.  I told Dr. Bloom I was hard on my glasses, but didn’t ever think that would happen…

Fred P.

Three Springs

The contact lens staff are patient and friendly, helping my teenaged daughter learn how to properly handle her new contacts.  Definitely recommend Weber!

Tammy J.


I have been a long time customer with Weber Vision care since the 1950s when they were located in downtown Harrisburg on Walnut Street; I believe close to 57 years now!  So I have come through the ranks with Weber Vision Care and I can honestly say I have had excellent service over the years! At my last appointment the entire staff was so kind and courteous to me! Iam so thankful from the doctors,to the techs, to the lady fitting my frames I have nothing but kind words to say about them!  Keep up the excellent service and may God richly bless your practice!

Patty C.


  • 5 star review  

    thumb Dawn O'Neill

    5 star review  

    thumb Timothy Foote
  • 5 star review  My experience at Weber Vision Care far exceeded my expectations. The entire staff is personable, knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with. I am so pleased with the care my children and I received.

    thumb Adrienne Hendricks

    5 star review  Everyone was professional and friendly, very, very good at their jobs. My eyesight was examined, the results explained, and reading glasses recommended and made to specification. An earlier exam had recommended cataract surgery. This was done - and for the first time since I was literally in high school I no longer needed glasses for distance, whether driving, seeing a movie or simply watching the television. Dr. Darcy Wills and the Weber staff were just terrific. If you have a vision problem, Weber Vision Care is the place to go.

    thumb Jeffrey Lord

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