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Why Everyone Needs a Pair of Backup Glasses

September 25, 2023

Our eyes are invaluable assets that allow us to perceive the world around us. If you wear prescription glasses or contact lenses, you understand the profound impact they have on your daily life. There are numerous scenarios that highlight the importance of having a backup…

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Our Favorite Vacation Spots

August 31, 2023

Now that the summer vacation season is coming to an end, the women at Weber Vision Care recalled some of our most memorable trips over the years.

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The Most Popular Lenses For Your Glasses

June 6, 2023

There are different types of lenses available to correct vision at varying distances. This is especially true for individuals over 45 years old because the eyes cannot focus up close as well as they once did. This blog will summarize the most popular lens designs…

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Make the Twitching Stop!

May 2, 2023

Your eyelid is twitching and it keeps getting more and more annoying. What is going on?! What is an “eyelid twitch”? Myokymia is the medical term for a twitching eyelid, and it actually translates to “muscle wave.” There are muscles inside the eyelid that can…

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Why Are There So Many Eye Drops?

April 14, 2023

There has been a lot of discussion in the news recently about eye drop recalls. As a patient, it can be confusing to see an overwhelming amount of choices when looking at the eye drop section of the store. Each drop has its own purpose, but…

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Amblyopia 101

March 13, 2023

Amblyopia (am-blee-oh-pee-uh) is a condition in which the best corrected vision is worse than 20/20 in either one or both eyes. This is due to poor development of the connection between the eyes and brain. With appropriate treatment, vision can improve to 20/20, but it…

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Am I a Candidate for LASIK?

February 24, 2023

It seems like we are having the “LASIK talk” with a lot of patients recently, so here is some valuable information to help you determine if LASIK might be for you! LASIK Acronym LASIK stands for Laser-Assisted In Situ Keratomileusis, which is the medical terminology…

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The Big 3: Cataracts + Glaucoma + Macular Degeneration

January 26, 2023

“My grandma had glaucoma. No, it was cataracts. Maybe it was macular degeneration. What’s the difference?” When we ask if there is any family history of eye problems, these are the big ones that we hear most frequently, but they are also some of the…

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Hello Upneeq! (Goodbye Droopy Eyelids)

December 13, 2022

Do you look in the mirror and see tired, heavy eyelids? Ptosis (silent ‘p’ = TOE-SIS) or blepharoptosis are the medical terms for saggy or droopy eyelids. The amount of upper eyelid involvement can be mild or severe to the point of covering part of…

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Holiday Makeup 2022

December 2, 2022

We all want to look our best this time of the year for family gatherings, work parties, and celebrations. 'Tis the season for enhancing our natural beauty with cosmetics! Here are a few tips on how to keep your eyes safe and healthy while still…

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Causes of Dry Eye Syndrome

November 18, 2022

Now that the weather is changing - The heat is pumping inside, while the cold air blows outside. Both can exacerbate or cause dry eye symptoms, such as burning, grittiness, blurry vision, and even watering. There are numerous causes of ocular dryness, several of which…

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Ocular Infestations

October 28, 2022

Halloween can be spooky, but not as scary as the tiny creatures that can inhabit the eyelashes and eyeball. Mites, lice, and parasites might be microscopic, but they can negatively affect vision and the overall health of the eyes. The following five conditions are the…