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If you require vision correction, we’ll help you find the proper spectacles or contact lenses for your needs.

After your eye examination, you’ll want to stop by an visit to our optical dispensary. If you require vision correction, we’ll help you find the proper spectacle or contact lenses for maximum comfort and vision correction. Plus we offer an exclusive one-year frame warranty on every single pair of new frames you buy!

Click here to check out our featured lines, which are frames that we really like. Even if you don’t require vision correction, be sure to check out our complete line of sunwear: A pair of quality sunglasses will help to protect your eyes and preserve your vision. Plus, science has revealed another important fact about sunglasses: They look really cool!

Contact Lens

Think you’re hard to fit?

Given up on finding contacts that are comfortable? Let us help. Our doctors are experts in hard-to-fit contact lenses. They’ll tell you whether or not you will be a good candidate for contacts. And, again, they’ll prescribe the contacts that are right for you, not what’s in stock.

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Frames:  High Fashion to Fully Functional

We review selections from manufacturers across the world and bring the latest fashions to central Pennsylvania. We find frames that are not only gorgeous, but ones that will last, including super resilient titanium, memory metal, and more. Each frame we sell comes with Weber Vision Care’s exclusive one-year warranty.

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Weber’s One-Year Warranty

Weber Vision Care is pleased to present its exclusive one-year warranty on all frames and lenses.

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Why Consider Sunwear?

For function or for fashion, we’ve got a huge selection of sunwear choices.  And each is covered by our exclusive Weber Vision Care one-year frame warranty.  So, whether you need a prescription or not, we urge you to consider a pair of sunglasses as vital to your maximum ocular health.  Why?  Well first, sunglasses decrease the amount of sunlight reaching your eye, thereby maximizing visual comfort.  And second, sunglasses protect your eyes from ultraviolet light, a potential trigger for cataracts, macular degeneration, intraocular tumors, skin cancer on the eyelids and pterygium, an abnormal growth on the eye’s surface.  Damage from ultraviolet light and sun exposure is cumulative, so sunwear isn’t just for adults.  Sunwear’s an important consideration for kids, too.

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