Brands We Love: Blackfin

October 17, 2020

If you are looking for a stylish frame that is strong and lightweight, Blackfin is for you.


The Italian Alps

The Blackfin brand was founded in 1971 by Maria Pramaor. After being employed by another large optical company for nine years, Maria decided she would create her own business in the same small town of Agordo, Italy. This little town in the Italian Alps is still home to Blackfin, making their frames 100% Made in Italy. The beautiful landscape inspires frame designs because Blackfin values and takes pride in their Italian heritage.



Maria Pramaor intended Blackfin to be more than just “Made in Italy.” They are making eyewear in a new way, using new materials, and new techniques. This is what Blackfin has termed “Neomadeinitaly”. The high standards and excellence that comes with the “Made in Italy” title are the foundation of Blackfin products. There are 53 production steps for each frame. Lots of brainstorming and planning goes into designing prototypes and making alterations until the final product is functionally and visually exceptional. The attention to detail allows each frame to shine as a timeless masterpiece.


Pure Titanium

In the early 1990s, Blackfin became one of the first in the Italian eyewear industry to begin making titanium frames. In order to perfect the titanium craftsmanship, they sent a team to learn from the experts in Japan. Blackfin only uses pure Japanese titanium. Once the pure titanium sheets reach Italy, they are reimagined into artisan frames. The frames are exceedingly strong, yet very lightweight and flexible, making them easily adjustable to fit nearly every face shape and size. Most Blackfin eyewear only weighs several grams. Since titanium is hypoallergenic, it does not cause allergic reactions or irritation to the skin. There is also no need to worry about traces of nickel or heavy metals in the pure titanium that Blackfin uses.


Unbeatable Authenticity

A large selection of frame designs and customizations means there is a piece of Blackfin eyewear for everyone. Unique, customizable colors are just the beginning of creating a one of a kind pair of glasses. The brightness and shine of colors are enhanced with patented Blackfin Nano-PlatingTM techniques. Each frame has an individual code and serial number to enhance authenticity. A name or initials can also be laser-engraved on the inside of the frame.


Enhanced Technology

The Blackfin LuminarTM lenses are polarized sun lenses that are lightweight to match the frames. While blocking harmful UV light, the lenses still provide high-definition optical quality. They even boast that their polarized sunglasses “eliminate any form of distortion and visual discomfort.” Blackfin LuminarTM lenses have also passed the industry’s intense impact resistance test, making them safer than most lenses. The technology doesn’t stop with the lenses; The Blackfin Razor frame line is the thinnest and lightest yet. Only 1 mm thick, the titanium is engineered using “micromechanical” processes to ensure precision. These minimalistic frames are perfect for anyone who likes a polished, classic look.


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