Brands We Love: Caviar

May 5, 2020

If you enjoy wearing eyewear that dazzles from every direction, the Caviar frame line is meant for you.

The brand was founded by Palm Optical in 1994. Palm Optical is a family business based in Miami, Florida that originated in 1947 and is currently on its third-generation of optical geniuses. This high-end fashion eyewear for women was inspired by European elements. Each piece is thoughtfully designed to be more than a necessity for vision; A Caviar frame is a timeless piece of jewelry for your eyes and face.

Caviar frames and sunglasses are embellished with their iconic feature – genuine Swarovski® crystals. Exclusively used Swarovski® crystals have adorned most of their luxurious eyewear since the inception of the company. Caviar began with a two piece “mini-collection” and has now grown to over 80 models of unique eyewear. With a two-year design process for each pair of Caviar frames, the extensive attention to detail and style, while maintaining comfort, is surely impressive.

Concerned you might run into someone on the street wearing the same frame as you? It’s doubtful if you are wearing Caviar. There is no mass production of any one frame design. According to Caviar, “usually fewer than 1000 pieces of each design are produced.” In essence, each frame is a limited edition with only a handful of copies in the entire world.



Weber Vision Care is an authorized retailer of Caviar eyewear. Next time you are in our office, treat yourself by trying on a pair of Caviar frames. You will be stunned by your elegance and beauty when you look in the mirror!