Brands We Love: NW77TH

May 30, 2019

Every frame line has its own unique history. NW77TH is a quality brand with a deeply rooted history – just one of the many reasons why we love these glasses!

Once Upon a Time in 1879…

NW77TH dates back to 1879 in St. Louis, MO when A.P. Erker founded the company, Erker’s Fine Eyewear. His brother, August Erker, later joined him in the business. In the beginning, Mr. A.P. Erker designed lenses for any purpose – microscopes, cameras, eye glasses, goggles. He even won awards for his optical machinery and equipment at the Louisiana Purchase Exhibition and was later designated as the official photographer for the 1904 St. Louis World’s Fair. Charles Lindbergh’s custom designed, “state of the art” goggles for his historic flight across the Atlantic Ocean in 1927 were created by none other than the Erkers. The company is still family-owned and on its 5th generation of eyewear-loving descendants.

NW77TH describes themselves as “a brand that caters to the urban chic lifestyle by bringing together all of the things that make life interesting, fun, fresh, and exciting.” – We agree!


Made with Quality Materials

The metal frames are made with surgical grade stainless steel, which is more durable than any metal on Earth. Additionally, the metal is folded numerous times in the same fashion that a Japanese Samurai sword is made.

The plastic, or acetate, frames are designed with Italian and Japanese acetate, which are some of the most high quality products available. The acetate colors are created by the company, giving them exclusive rights to those specific hues.

All frames are handmade and hand-polished with the utmost care for detail. In 2016, the company began manufacturing frames in a new factory where it all started in St. Louis, USA!


Our Favorite Collections

At Weber Vision Care, you’ll find two of NW77TH’s acetate collections: Home and Socks. The glasses in the Home Collection are named with interior design elements you would find in your house. Some of our favorites are Chandelier, Nightstand, and Hutch. The Socks Collection features glasses named after (you guessed it…) types of socks! In this collection you’ll find Argyle Socks, Tube Socks, and even Fuzzy Socks.

We also have “combination” eyewear from NW77TH’s Block Steel Rubber Collection. These frames are made of both a rubber-like material in addition to a sturdy, steel structure. Some unique names from this collection include: Dragonstooth, Human Blockhead, Flower City, and Beard of Zeus.


Other Divisions of NW77TH

In 2003, the Erker family formed Studio Optyx, which is the company’s division responsible for designing and manufacturing the multiple lines of frames. Weber Vision Care currently carries two other frame “brands” from the Erker family.

Derapage is an Italian collection inspired by race car driving. The word, derapage, actually describes how a driver tackles a corner at a speed while maintaining control of the vehicle. Speed and control are the essence of Derapage. The designs are conceived in Turin, Italy and the frames are manufactured in various artisanal facilities in other Italian cities, including Milan and Venice.

Erker 1879 is a classic collection with pieces that emphasize tradition. There are discrete emblems placed throughout the collection, which gives each frame its unique identity among the collection. For example, some of the glasses have a very small Ferris wheel hidden on the inside part of the frame that sits behind the ear. The Ferris wheel represents Erker’s recognition at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904.

The NW77TH brand prides itself as the “oldest optical company in the US still owned by the descendants of the founding family.” NW77TH incorporates modern style with classic structure and family roots, which is why this is a brand we love!