Brands We Love: OVVO

August 20, 2021

45 pound blue weight hanging from a pair of glasses frames

OVVO Origin

Since 2011, OVVO Optics have been producing glasses of the highest quality to people worldwide. After the frames are laser cut in Germany, they are hand-assembled in a family-owned facility in Poland that has been in operation since 1980. OVVO’s European pride is apparent in their “meticulous craftsmanship.” A single pair of frames goes through 85 detailed steps before completion.


Patented Manufacturing Technology

Large pink metal glasses frame

OVVO frames do not use any screws in the hinges. ZERO screws. This surprisingly lends itself to durability and flexibility that can withstand 90 pounds of pulling force and 300,000 rotations, which is equivalent to 205 years of wear. According to OVVO, their frames are “virtually indestructible” with less than 1% breakage worldwide.

Originally developed as a top-secret material for European spacecrafts, OVVO’s combination of military-grade surgical steel and titanium is unlike any other. This patented technology is made of 70% surgical steel and 30% titanium, which makes the material completely hypoallergenic and very lightweight. The average OVVO frame weighs 0.65 ounces. Medical-grade hypoallergenic silicone is used for the nose pads.

Diamond-like carbon (DLC) nanotechnology makes a carbon film using decomposed hydrocarbon gases. The carbon film is thinner than paper, yet harder than diamond and stronger than steel. OVVO uses DLC to coat the steel and titanium frames to further increase strength and provide scratch-resistance.


Unique Collections

Exotic wood and gold-plated metal glasses frame

The Wood & Carbon Fiber Collection is composed of nine layers of carbon fiber sandwiched between two layers of sustainably harvested exotic wood. Surgical steel and titanium composite temples complete this work of art.

Different from traditional acetate frames, The DUO Collection combines catchy acetate colors and designs with lightweight surgical steel and titanium temples. This greatly decreases the weight of the frames in comparison to typical bulky, plastic frames. OVVO uses geometric lens shapes that subtly add a little extra fun to the overall design.

Tortoise acetate frame with metal accents


The Gold & Hue Collection uses 14-karat gold plating to enhance the aesthetic qualities of the classic surgical steel and titanium frame. Soft color combinations and ageless shapes make this frame perfectly delicate and feminine.




Weber Vision Care is an authorized retailer of OVVO frames. Visit our optical to see a 45 pound weight hanging from a pair of OVVO frames. Sorry we don’t have an airplane for demonstration, but this guy does!

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