Brands We Love: Vera Bradley

May 20, 2022

Vertical Vera Bradley sunglasses display

Vertical display of Vera Bradley sunglasses Calling all females! The Vera Bradley eyewear collection was created for you. Vera Bradley’s design is distinctive and fun, yet maintains traditional shapes and colors on the front of the frame to please a variety of personal styles.


In 1982, Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia Miller founded “Vera Bradley” in their hometown of Fort Wayne, Indiana. The company is named after Barbara’s mother, Vera. Story has it that the two friends were traveling together and realized the complete lack of color in luggage at the airport. Feminine luggage for women did not exist at the time. That’s when they began the first brand of women’s luggage, which evolved into the Vera Bradley empire that it is today.


The duo had the vision to “make the world a brighter place,” both in terms of style and empowering women in the community. When co-founders, Barbara and Patricia, lost a close friend to breast cancer, they began fundraising for breast cancer research in 1993. Since then, they have raised over 50 million dollars. The McGee Group oversees the prescription glasses division and donates a portion of proceeds to The Vera Bradley Foundation for Breast Cancer. Therefore, by supporting the Vera Bradley brand, you are also helping the efforts to find a cure. Several patterns have been designed to show awareness, hope, and support for those affected by breast cancer.


One of our favorite aspects of the Vera Bradley eyewear line is the inclusiveness for little girls, teenagers, and women alike. The petite women’s frames are the perfect size for girls transitioning out of the children-sized frames. Having a “grown up” pair of glasses can inspire style and confidence in a young girl. This is part of the Vera Bradley mission!


Clear light blue glasses Bright colors and unique patterns differentiate Vera from your grandma’s quilted patterns. From paisley to florals, the eyewear collection is full of whimsical and feminine looks that keep you looking youthful and vibrant. Most of the colorful pattern-work is on the frame temple (side arm of glasses), so you can still maintain a classic, neutral color on the front for everyday wear. Both prescription and non-prescription sunglasses are available too. There’s no better way to protect your eyes than to protect them in style.                 


Weber Vision Care is an authorized retailer of Vera Bradley eyewear. Our collection is available online to view and try on virtually before you come check out our new display of fun Vera frames!

Vera Bradley optical frame display