Fun Facts about Dr. Williams

Sep 16, 2021

Woman taking selfie with a cow in a pastureDr. Williams has a story for every occasion, which certainly makes her the most interesting person at Weber Vision Care. That is why we decided to focus this week’s blog on the one and only Dr. Darcy Williams!


Impressive Passport

Dr. Williams LOVES travelling. She still has a huge bucket list of places to visit, and it keeps growing daily! As of now, Scotland is by far her favorite country. She would definitely choose the mountains over the beach, so it is not surprising that she would prefer the gorgeous landscapes of Scotland. While we’re on the topic of European countries, it should also be noted that Dr. Williams really enjoys Irish coffee, but does not drink regular coffee. Who needs coffee when you have playful kitties to give you a boost of daily energy in the morning?



In another life, Dr. Williams must have been a farmer or zoo keeper. Olive and Bertie are the two cool cats keeping Dr. Williams entertained. She said, “Yes, I talk to my cats. Yes, they answer me.” Although she is obviously biased towards her fur babies, we don’t think there is an animal she doesn’t like (…besides spotted lanternflies interrupting her love of gardening, just like her grandpa).


Chef Williams – Culinary Extraordinaire

After Dr. Williams is finished spoiling Olive and Bertie with dinner, it is her turn to devour a delicious meal. Dr. Williams makes a “very mean meatloaf” – in her words. We also know she can whip up a decadent batch of double-iced brownies for those of us who like a little brownie with our frosting. If Chef Williams isn’t cooking up a delightful meal, she’s probably out to a restaurant with some of her closest friends.


Aside from Eyes

When Dr. Williams isn’t helping you see better, she is most likely spending time with family and friends. She also enjoys weight training, reading, and listening to all kinds of music (especially Texas swing). Like most women, Dr. Williams does her best not to shop, but we don’t think there is anything wrong with splurging from time to time. The moral of the story is to be more like Dr. Williams… a kind-hearted person who doesn’t mind if a monkey hops on her back.


Woman wearing white coat and sunglasses with a monkey on her back

“I appreciate my patients and love seeing them year after year. I enjoy getting to know the families and watching them grow, especially when the kids come in and stand up to show me they are now taller than me (not hard to do!).”



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