Happy April Fool’s Day!

April 1, 2022

April Fool's Day

We were brainstorming jokes for April Fool’s Day, but they kept getting cornea and cornea! Instead, we decided that April is National Get Your Eyes Checked At Weber Vision Care Month! Now because this is no joking matter, here are the reasons you should come see us in the month of April, or really any month of the year.

Comic about Medusa needing a new eye doctor

Friendly Staff

At Weber Vision Care, we take pride in treating patients as if they were our own family. From the time a smiling face greets you at the front door until you leave the building, our staff strives to make you feel at home. Being at a doctor’s office can be stressful for some individuals, but we make every attempt to help you feel comfortable and confident in your eye care.


Caring Doctors

All three doctors at Weber Vision Care take the extra time needed to perform a detailed examination. We promise to thoroughly explain your eye health status and vision needs with emphasis on preventive care, resulting in an enhanced quality of life. It’s no wonder that generations of families have continued seeing Weber Vision Care doctors since the legacy began in the 1890s.


Cut open avocado with the pit remaining


Comic cartoon of ambulance for broken glasses




Extensive Frame Selection

With hundreds of frames in our optical dispensary, there is something here for everyone’s unique taste. From bold shapes and colors to minimalist styles, our knowledgeable opticians will help pick the right fit for you. We also have a wide variety of frames to suit your outdoor hobbies – sunglasses, professional shooting glasses, and fitovers. Our “Made In the USA” selection is very popular among those wanting to support American craftsmanship.






Glass bowl full of Hershey's kisses

Hershey’s Kisses Bowl

Last, but certainly not least, our bowl of Hershey’s Kisses in the optical is really what attracts patients from near and far. The pandemic forced us to put the bowl in eye-solation for a period of time, but it was a spectacle the day it returned to the public. There is nothing like the heavenly aroma of a fresh bag of chocolate getting poured into the bowl. Don’t believe us? Come check it out for yourself!





Rather than dreading another doctor’s appointment, we hope you look forward to visiting our office. Although we proclaimed April as National Get Your Eyes Checked At Weber Vision Care Month, please come see us during the eleven other months of the year too!