Meet Our Staff – Danielle

February 13, 2020

Meet Danielle Fuoti – one of Weber Vision Care’s optometric technicians.

Danielle started at Weber Vision Care in 2005 as a technician. Prior to joining us, she worked as an optician for several years. She was even an optician in Australia for six months! You might see Danielle getting your exam started or greeting you at the front desk.

Her favorite part of the job is helping someone improve their quality of life, whether it’s improving vision or making their eyes feel better. Danielle loves seeing the reaction when someone is able to put contact lenses in their eyes for the first time. She is happy for their success! Some of the things young kids say are hilarious, and Danielle enjoys working with them especially for this reason.

Just like the rest of us, Danielle’s favorite line of eyewear is LINDBERG. She also likes the funky, unique Seraphin frames. When she’s not wearing glasses, you can be sure she is wearing her favorite brand of contacts, Biofinity®.

Outside of the office, Danielle is usually busy driving her two daughters to their extracurricular activities. It’s no surprise she has coffee running through her veins all day! When she has free time, she likes traveling and enjoying the outdoors.  Danielle is the most health-conscientious person in the office, so it makes sense that she likes to study nutrition and healthy living. Fortunately for us, she still enjoys a piece of cake now and then.