Meet Our Staff – Jena

November 7, 2019

Meet Jena Hommel – one of Weber Vision Care’s optometric technicians!

Whether greeting you at the front desk or calling you back to the exam room, Jena is a familiar face to many of the patients at Weber Vision Care. We will be celebrating her 19th year at Weber in February, so it’s no wonder she is an invaluable member of our team. (*Bonus: Keep scrolling to see her Halloween costume from this year. Hmmm…looks pretty similar to 2003!*) With her many years of experience, Jena also seems to know where EVERYTHING is located in the office. “You’ll have to ask Jena” has become quite a common phrase here!

Jena’s favorite part of the job is seeing the same patients from childhood through college and having children themselves. On the other hand, she also enjoys welcoming new patients to the practice. “There are many practices in the Harrisburg area, but they chose to come here. I want to make a good experience for new people, so they recommend our office to others.” Over the last 19 years, there have been many changes within Weber Vision Care. Jena has been most excited about the advancements in technology and the addition of a new doctor to the practice.

If you see Jena outside, be sure to check out her OGI sunglasses. They are so unique and definitely one of a kind. She also sports a weightless pair of Lindberg glasses that look fabulous. We think her next pair will be from the trendy Seraphin collection that she is eyeing up in the optical. If Jena isn’t working a pair of glasses, she is wearing Dailies Total 1® contact lenses.

Outside of the office, Jena loves teaching dance classes. (It would be quite entertaining if she taught us a dance lesson in the office!) Her weekends are spent having fun with her husband and two kids. Next time you’re in the office, be sure to give a shout-out to the one and only Jena!