Meet Our Staff – Melissa

November 7, 2023

Woman with blonde hair smiling
Woman smiling with dog in front of fireplace

Meet Melissa Ott – one of Weber Vision Care’s opticians.

Melissa has been with Weber Vision Care since July 2022. As a young adult in 1990, Melissa was looking for a job and stumbled upon an opening as an optician. After years of working at a chain optical, Melissa took a break to pursue a career in photography. She eventually came back to the eye industry in 2016 – and the rest is history!

Her favorite part of being an optician is interacting with patients. She enjoys helping people who are unsure about what style of frame they want. The excitement after making a decision and finding something they love is very rewarding to her.

Like the rest of the Weber Vision Care staff, Lindberg is Melissa’s favorite line of frames. They are durable, yet extremely lightweight. She also likes the style of Erkers frames.

When Melissa isn’t at Weber Vision Care, she is likely relaxing at home and working on one of her diamond painting creations (imagine paint by numbers, but applying tiny rhinestone “diamonds” to an adhesive board). You can also be sure there is some Netflix playing in the background, so she can keep up with her show-binging.