Meet Our Staff – Tim

July 18, 2019

Ever wonder who makes the glasses that you order at Weber Vision Care? Wonder no longer; Meet our optical lab manager and glasses-assembling extraordinaire, Tim Traveny!

Tim joined the Weber Vision Care team in September 2018, bringing years of optical experience with him. He is a brave and out-numbered man, surrounded by an all-women-employed office (We think he’s the perfect balance though!) When a person orders glasses through our optical, Tim is our “lab guy” who cuts the lenses to fit the frame. He also performs repairs and adjustments while his loud machinery is doing its work.

When asked about his favorite aspect of the job, he said, “It’s rewarding to know that I’m helping people to see.” Tim also mentioned that he enjoys wearing a suit to work every day (…might we add this is by his own choice, and we absolutely support the dapper wardrobe!)

One of Tim’s role models in the optical world is Altina Schinasi, who was an American artist and most popularly known for designing the Harlequin, or “cat eye,” frame style. After seeing a window display in a nearby New York City optical, she realized the glasses for women were boring and lacked style. That’s when she designed her iconic Harlequin frames, which turned glasses into a fashion accessory for women in the 1930s.

Tim aspires to create his own frame line someday. He claims many aspects of the optical industry involve PA Dutch roots that he wants to bring back to the area. His ideal, handmade frames would do just that!