…We’re Not Robots!

December 13, 2018

We miss you too!

Yes, it has only been 2 months since your last eye exam at Weber Vision Care, but we want to keep in better touch. That is why we’re taking a leap into the world of blogging.

Lasers, and blogs, and wi-fi oh my!

Technology is rapidly growing and anyone who doesn’t hop on board will be left in the dust. Take this post for example; We’re able to communicate with the push of a button! Tracing our roots back to the 1890s, we wonder if Drs. Egolf and Weber ever imagined all of the electronic devices we would be using to carry on the Weber legacy.

So how does this relate to my eyes?

At Weber Vision Care, we are staying up to date with the latest tools and trends. Did you know that you can book your appointment on our website? Receive visit reminders texted right to your phone? Recommend us to others on Facebook or Google? We also utilize new technology to enhance quality of care, such as the iWellness screening for early detection of sight-threatening conditions.

Don’t be fooled by our growing use of technology…WE’RE NOT ROBOTS!

Weber Vision Care always strives to uphold our motto, “modern care, old-fashioned service.” While some of our methods of communication and patient care are on the cutting-edge, we still cherish our old-fashioned relationships, manners, and concern for you and your family. Seeing a real, live person to care for your eyes and well-being is a valuable aspect of optometry that should never be replaced.


Stay tuned for more blog posts about a variety of topics – gardening, international cuisine, and literature. *Just kidding!* We’ll be sharing lots of interesting eye-related information and keeping you in the loop with Weber Vision Care happenings, of course! Until then, keep embracing new technology, but don’t forget to put your cell phones away at dinnertime.


…Now if only we could get our hands on self-cleaning glasses!