Brands We Love: ba&sh Eyewear

November 26, 2023

ba&sh Eyewear logo

Weber Vision Care is happy to welcome ba&sh Eyewear to our optical collection.

In the realm of fashion, where every detail matters, ba&sh (pronounced “bash”) has carved a niche for itself as a brand synonymous with timeless elegance and contemporary style. While the Parisian brand is renowned for its chic clothing, ba&sh has seamlessly extended its commitment to fashion into the world of eyewear.

Gold and tortoise metal frame made by ba&sh

Its unique name was created by best friends, Barbara Boccara & Sharon Krieef. After being disappointed with current fashion trends, they decided to “bring their dream wardrobe to life” in 2003. The style elements of ba&sh are inspired by travel, music, Paris, and authenticity.

Studio Optyx is the first and only US distributer of ba&sh Eyewear. They also manufacture two other brands, Erkers and NW 77th, that we carry as well. Studio Optyx was formed by the Erker family, who began making eyewear in 1879. In a world of corporations and big-box stores, Studio Optyx is the oldest optical company in the US still owned by descendants of the founding family. We love supporting eyewear brands with a small-business, family-owned foundation!

From oversized sunglasses that exude a sense of mystery, to delicate frames that showcase a subtle sophistication, ba&sh Eyewear reflects the diverse facets of the modern woman. Each pair is meticulously designed, paying homage to the brand’s French roots while embracing a global aesthetic.

Round tortoise acetate frames made by ba&sh

Given their French origination, it is not a surprise that ba&sh frames are designed with a Parisian flair. Barbara and Sharon strive for feminine shapes that create timeless pieces. Finely engraved, jewel-like details embellish the outer corners of the frames. The collection includes oversized acetate and metal frames that fit the current trends.

As you adorn yourself with these frames, remember that you’re not just wearing glasses; you’re making a statement about your individuality and appreciation for the artistry that goes into creating a perfect pair of glasses.

Woman wearing metal glasses and a white hooded sweatshirt